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Reciprocal Link Exchange Programs, or RLEP’s for short, are about the best way to seriously increase your Page Rank in Google. If your web site’s theme is on Blogging for Business, blogging software, content management or software services, then strongly recommends you participate in our Reciprocal Link Exchange Program.

There are two ways to seriously increase your Page Rank in Google:

Put a lot of informative content on your site
Go into a reciprocal link exchange program

Reciprocal Link Exchange Programs are, as their name implies, an exchange program where site owners, webmasters, companies and sometimes even individuals exchange web links or bloggs between them. You may say: “Well I certainly don’t want anybody else on my web site, after all I am paying for it”. Well, let us explain first how RLEP’s work.

In order for RLEP’s to be efficient, first, you need inbound links to your web site that are already at the PR 4 level or higher. If a web site with a PR of 1 links to your site, it might help you, but it won’t be as effective. As a general rule, Google will only take into consideration links with a PR of 4 or higher in order to pass the “benefit” along to your site.

Furthermore, the only other important thing to always remember when you start a RLEP is to have companies in the same industry as you link to your site as you need to link back to them. Well now some of you might strongly oppose having sites of their own competitors on their sites, so we will explain here.

Let’s use as an example a new car dealer. We will call the dealer: “Black Widget Motor Sales”. “Black Widget Motor Sales” sells only new cars from a single manufacturer. At times, some of their customers talk of other models from “their competition” that “Black Widget Motor Sales” cannot offer. Well, if some other car dealers had links pointing to “Black Widget Motor Sales” and “Black Widget Motor Sales” would have a reciprocal link pointing back to his competition, both would:

Increase their respective page ranks in Google
Both would still increase their sales just the same

It would be a win-win situation. Plus, their customers would appreciate the professional referrals and certainly come back as repeat customers and, would even refer others to both businesses. Click here to find out the correct way to initiate any successful reciprocal link exchange campaign.

As a rule, when we get an invitation to participate in a RLEP, first we visit the web site of the inviting party. Unless they are located in the same city as us, if their page rank is 4 or higher, we gladly reciprocate. Just make certain you engage in RLEP’s that are in the same field as your business or industry. Google will not give you much benefit if you happen to be a house builder and a florist has a link to your web site. On the other hand, if a building materials or lumber yard links to you, well that is very different and Google will give you good marks on that. has been promoting, engaging and executing RLEP’s for its customers and for ourselves ever since we went into the SEO business in 1997. Not only is it very good, it’s also a great way to make new business contacts, reseller or partnering agreements. Today, relies from SEO partners spread all over the globe to exchange links, and also some business. At times, it’s not always practical trying to do business with a company or individual 5,000 miles away. In such cases, we have in the past outsourced some work and vice-versa from our SEO partners. It’s a win-win scenario. Click here to find out the correct way to initiate any successful reciprocal link exchange campaign.

Reciprocal Link Exchange Offer from
If you or your company happens to be directly or indirectly involved in the field of web services, web design, web hosting, Internet services, web application development or search-related activities, or business blogging, then is certainly interested in engaging in a fair, reciprocal link exchange strategy with you. If you or your company would like to participate in our reciprocal link exchange program and be part of our directory, just write us a line or two at: and we will happily contact you shortly.

Here are some of our reciprocal link exchange partners:

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Frequently asked questions

We have created this Blogging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to answer most of the recurring questions we keep getting. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us today and we will be happy to answer it in the least amount of time. has technical support agents on duty from 8.00 am through 6.00 pm, monday through friday.

Question: what is’s mandate?

Our mandate is to supply the best solutions in business blogging software, content management systems and many other end-user solutions that help the business community. Additionally, the website provides a single-source of up to the minute business blogging news and acts as an important information portal in new technologies as it pertains to business blogging, content management software and search engines. It is also a great place to read “criss-cross” blogs from everywhere in the blogging community.

How long does it take to get a blogging application installed either on our own server or on our website?

Usually less than 3 days, once we get all the details needed. In the fall of 2003, we will implement a whole new series of blogging applications and software that will further extend our current portfolio of available business blogging software, CMS applications and tools. Currently, Business Blog™ is our most popular business blogging software, in use by over 750 companies and businesses in over 40 industries.

Does provide additional services than the ones presented here?

Through our large network of industry partners, is in a unique position to offer the whole range of web and Internet applications, from web hosting, to application development, to web design and even B2B transactional platform development. escalate has over eight years of experience in Internet technology R&D; and secure web application development.

We have some very critical and very demanding blogging needs that fall outside the scope of most providers. Can escalate devise a custom-tailored plan that will exactly fit our own needs?

Yes, absolutely. builds turnkey blogging systems and CMS tools that are custom-tailored to each and unique individual business client. We will consult with you and carefully analyze your real needs and devise solutions that fully address those needs.

We have had the misfortune of buying a CMS package that wasn’t designed for the search engines in mind and since we have been using it, our rankings have been falling steadily. What can we do to change that? We rely on top placement in Google and Yahoo for 50% of our annual sales.

Experience tells us now that many of the CMS (Content Management Software) packages used today were not developed with search engines in mind and many companies that are using them has had their websites either not listed or their rankings have seriously deteriotated since in Google and many of the other major search engines. Web Content Manager™ from escalate solves all those problems. Web Content Manager™ was specifically designed for all major search engines in used today. Additionally, Web Content Manager™ was the original idea and has been completely designed by a team of experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, web developers and Internet solutions programmers and integrators. On top of helping your search engines rankings, it will also do the job it was supposed to do and that is help you manage your web content, both easily and effortlessly.

Can our company advertise on the website?

Yes you can. We have various advertising plans that will suit your needs and your budget. We are currently looking at a certain number of potential advertisers and partners to be included in our ad plans. Just contact our advertising department at and they will contact you the very same day. Our ad plans are both economical and flexible.


ontacting is easy. By far, our preferred method of communication is by email, but if you wish to contact us by other means, here’s our complete postal address and phone numbers:

Phone: 1-450-437-8757 Toll free, USA and Canada: 1-800-547-4149

Note: Our normal office hours are from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm EST, monday thru friday.


Business Blog News


This section was specifically created to keep you better informed on the latest in business blog news, content management software (CMS), web publishing tools and from search engines from around the world. It is recommended you come here often. Also, be certain to visit our business blog technology section, where you will find all the latest in blog technology for your company or business.

Additionally, this news section is updated many times a day, to keep pace with the rapid development of this young industry. We strongly recommend that you bookmark this Business Blog News section by clicking here.

Who is Escalate?

What is escalate all about?


What is escalate all about? is a fully-owned subsdidiary of GCIS and develops powerful websites and business blogging software that will truly empower any business.

The General Center for Internet Services Inc. (GCIS) has been responsible for the development of innovative and revolutionary new Internet technologies such as Web Store™, B2B Turnpike and Cargo Connexion™, the revolutionary B2B transactional platform for the trucking industry. truly satisfies the needs of today’s global market place, by custom designing solutions that truly answer their direct needs. In addition to providing powerful blogging solutions that will help our clients better position their web sites, helps businesses build their brands and significantly increase their market shares, both at home and abroad.

All business solutions from are totally industry-independent and were carefully designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Increase your sales today, with our powerful Businessblog™ family of blogging solutions for today’s business needs. Become the innovator of your industry: start blogging for business and watch your sales grow.


Blogging Technology


No other high-tech company works as hard as to develop and integrate custom blogging technology working for businesses, organizations, large corporations and governments from all around the world. Our award-winning business blogging solutions can be custom-designed and integrated to any IT system. offers the full line of business blogging software and applications, content management software (CMS) packages and a host of other web-related solutions for today’s critical business needs. Additionally, and most importantly, all solutions offered by escalate were specifically designed for the major search engines in mind.

It is common knowledge now in the blogging industry that most major search engines such as Google, Alta-Vista, Yahoo and many of the others look as blogging as a normal day-to-day method of conducting new business, and will usually help their underlying websites to rank better in their SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages), independently if their sites were professionally optimized or not. Here is just a small sample of the many solutions offered by

Business Blog™
Our award-winning Business Blog™ solutions are the most powerful and easy to use business blogging software on the market today. Specifically developed for businesses and companies of all sizes, our award-winning Business Blog™ technology will truly empower your company or organization. Experience tells us Business Blog™ will enable you to blog away anything you need to, either on your own web site, or using our Business Blog™ web publishing facility on the Internet. Whichever one your company chooses, they are both as easy to use and will really help your company and your sales team in its day-to-day marketing efforts.

On top of all that, Business Blog™ will save your staff and your marketing team some very valuable time, as we have incorporated many time-saving features, along with user-friendly menus and context-sensitive help. Business Blog™ is as easy to use as any other blogging software or product you may have tried in the past.

Web Content Manager™
Companies should note that, contrary to many CMS (Content Management Software) packages available on the market today, Web Content Manager™ from escalate was designed specifically with the major search engines in mind. When CMS began to be popular at the end of 2000, some companies started developing CMS solutions that did just that: they were designed to be used in the management of content that was intended to be delivered to websites.

Experience tells us now that many of those CMS packages were clearly not developed with search engines in mind and many companies that used them had their websites either not listed or not ranked properly in Google and many other search engines. Web Content Manager™ solves all those problems. Web Content Manager™ was designed by a team of experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, web developers and Internet solutions programmers and integrators. On top of helping your search engines rankings, it will also do the job it was supposed to do and that is help you manage your web content.


Business blogs helps businesses


Everywhere we look and in all industry segments today, business blogs are among some of the most popular and new methods of web publishing. We have the proof now that blogs can be used to significantly escalate traffic to any corporate web site, provided the right techniques and solutions are used. Additionally, that traffic can come from very targeted customers and new visitors.

Definition of Business Blogging:
A business blog is a frequently updated web site, where new and fresh content is posted on a daily basis, sometimes many times a day. To be effective, a good business blog needs to be posted chronologically. Experienced Business Bloggers post a lot of new information that is relevant to their sales prospects, actual customers, business associates, industry partners and even their suppliers as an effective and creative way to escalate their collective thinking that helps make a business more successful and increase its presence everywhere you look.

If updated many times a day, a good business blog will provide lightning-fast visibility to a company’s public information. Since the beginning of 2003, media coverage on business blogs and blogging in general has increased dramatically. As proof to all this, in February 2003, Google bought which happens to be a leading blog web site.

Additionally, Google is creating new search technology that will significantly help companies that have web sites, if they are in fact actively participating in business blogging. To really be successful and gain market share, companies and businesses are well advised to obtain the right web publishing tools and utilize the proper techniques used in blogging. is the unique answer to these critical web publishing needs.

Harvard Business School
It is estimated that by early 2004, over fifty percent of Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes will be actively engaged in all forms of business blogging, effectively adding blogs to their daily e-marketing toolbox. It could be said that some of the main reasons behind business blogging are higher search engine ranking, but for a very small cost. Well-known and respected Harvard Business School calls business blogging “varied and expertly articulated”.

With over seven long years of experience in Internet technology development and integration used in business, and combining over a whole year of experience in blogging software, is in a unique position to better help all its clients achieve the highest levels of ROI in business blogging solutions and web publishing software.

For a full demonstration of what a typical business blogging web site looks like and the many features and benefits a company can derive from it, you can visit a few of the sites we have recently built:

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