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Everywhere we look and in all industry segments today, business blogs are among some of the most popular and new methods of web publishing. We have the proof now that blogs can be used to significantly escalate traffic to any corporate web site, provided the right techniques and solutions are used. Additionally, that traffic can come from very targeted customers and new visitors.

Definition of Business Blogging:
A business blog is a frequently updated web site, where new and fresh content is posted on a daily basis, sometimes many times a day. To be effective, a good business blog needs to be posted chronologically. Experienced Business Bloggers post a lot of new information that is relevant to their sales prospects, actual customers, business associates, industry partners and even their suppliers as an effective and creative way to escalate their collective thinking that helps make a business more successful and increase its presence everywhere you look.

If updated many times a day, a good business blog will provide lightning-fast visibility to a company’s public information. Since the beginning of 2003, media coverage on business blogs and blogging in general has increased dramatically. As proof to all this, in February 2003, Google bought which happens to be a leading blog web site.

Additionally, Google is creating new search technology that will significantly help companies that have web sites, if they are in fact actively participating in business blogging. To really be successful and gain market share, companies and businesses are well advised to obtain the right web publishing tools and utilize the proper techniques used in blogging. is the unique answer to these critical web publishing needs.

Harvard Business School
It is estimated that by early 2004, over fifty percent of Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes will be actively engaged in all forms of business blogging, effectively adding blogs to their daily e-marketing toolbox. It could be said that some of the main reasons behind business blogging are higher search engine ranking, but for a very small cost. Well-known and respected Harvard Business School calls business blogging “varied and expertly articulated”.

With over seven long years of experience in Internet technology development and integration used in business, and combining over a whole year of experience in blogging software, is in a unique position to better help all its clients achieve the highest levels of ROI in business blogging solutions and web publishing software.

For a full demonstration of what a typical business blogging web site looks like and the many features and benefits a company can derive from it, you can visit a few of the sites we have recently built: