Reciprocal Link Exchange Programs, or RLEP’s for short, are about the best way to seriously increase your Page Rank in Google. If your web site’s theme is on Blogging for Business, blogging software, content management or software services, then strongly recommends you participate in our Reciprocal Link Exchange Program.

There are two ways to seriously increase your Page Rank in Google:

Put a lot of informative content on your site
Go into a reciprocal link exchange program

Reciprocal Link Exchange Programs are, as their name implies, an exchange program where site owners, webmasters, companies and sometimes even individuals exchange web links or bloggs between them. You may say: “Well I certainly don’t want anybody else on my web site, after all I am paying for it”. Well, let us explain first how RLEP’s work.

In order for RLEP’s to be efficient, first, you need inbound links to your web site that are already at the PR 4 level or higher. If a web site with a PR of 1 links to your site, it might help you, but it won’t be as effective. As a general rule, Google will only take into consideration links with a PR of 4 or higher in order to pass the “benefit” along to your site.

Furthermore, the only other important thing to always remember when you start a RLEP is to have companies in the same industry as you link to your site as you need to link back to them. Well now some of you might strongly oppose having sites of their own competitors on their sites, so we will explain here.

Let’s use as an example a new car dealer. We will call the dealer: “Black Widget Motor Sales”. “Black Widget Motor Sales” sells only new cars from a single manufacturer. At times, some of their customers talk of other models from “their competition” that “Black Widget Motor Sales” cannot offer. Well, if some other car dealers had links pointing to “Black Widget Motor Sales” and “Black Widget Motor Sales” would have a reciprocal link pointing back to his competition, both would:

Increase their respective page ranks in Google
Both would still increase their sales just the same

It would be a win-win situation. Plus, their customers would appreciate the professional referrals and certainly come back as repeat customers and, would even refer others to both businesses. Click here to find out the correct way to initiate any successful reciprocal link exchange campaign.

As a rule, when we get an invitation to participate in a RLEP, first we visit the web site of the inviting party. Unless they are located in the same city as us, if their page rank is 4 or higher, we gladly reciprocate. Just make certain you engage in RLEP’s that are in the same field as your business or industry. Google will not give you much benefit if you happen to be a house builder and a florist has a link to your web site. On the other hand, if a building materials or lumber yard links to you, well that is very different and Google will give you good marks on that. has been promoting, engaging and executing RLEP’s for its customers and for ourselves ever since we went into the SEO business in 1997. Not only is it very good, it’s also a great way to make new business contacts, reseller or partnering agreements. Today, relies from SEO partners spread all over the globe to exchange links, and also some business. At times, it’s not always practical trying to do business with a company or individual 5,000 miles away. In such cases, we have in the past outsourced some work and vice-versa from our SEO partners. It’s a win-win scenario. Click here to find out the correct way to initiate any successful reciprocal link exchange campaign.

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