Blogging Technology


No other high-tech company works as hard as to develop and integrate custom blogging technology working for businesses, organizations, large corporations and governments from all around the world. Our award-winning business blogging solutions can be custom-designed and integrated to any IT system. offers the full line of business blogging software and applications, content management software (CMS) packages and a host of other web-related solutions for today’s critical business needs. Additionally, and most importantly, all solutions offered by escalate were specifically designed for the major search engines in mind.

It is common knowledge now in the blogging industry that most major search engines such as Google, Alta-Vista, Yahoo and many of the others look as blogging as a normal day-to-day method of conducting new business, and will usually help their underlying websites to rank better in their SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages), independently if their sites were professionally optimized or not. Here is just a small sample of the many solutions offered by

Business Blog™
Our award-winning Business Blog™ solutions are the most powerful and easy to use business blogging software on the market today. Specifically developed for businesses and companies of all sizes, our award-winning Business Blog™ technology will truly empower your company or organization. Experience tells us Business Blog™ will enable you to blog away anything you need to, either on your own web site, or using our Business Blog™ web publishing facility on the Internet. Whichever one your company chooses, they are both as easy to use and will really help your company and your sales team in its day-to-day marketing efforts.

On top of all that, Business Blog™ will save your staff and your marketing team some very valuable time, as we have incorporated many time-saving features, along with user-friendly menus and context-sensitive help. Business Blog™ is as easy to use as any other blogging software or product you may have tried in the past.

Web Content Manager™
Companies should note that, contrary to many CMS (Content Management Software) packages available on the market today, Web Content Manager™ from escalate was designed specifically with the major search engines in mind. When CMS began to be popular at the end of 2000, some companies started developing CMS solutions that did just that: they were designed to be used in the management of content that was intended to be delivered to websites.

Experience tells us now that many of those CMS packages were clearly not developed with search engines in mind and many companies that used them had their websites either not listed or not ranked properly in Google and many other search engines. Web Content Manager™ solves all those problems. Web Content Manager™ was designed by a team of experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals, web developers and Internet solutions programmers and integrators. On top of helping your search engines rankings, it will also do the job it was supposed to do and that is help you manage your web content.