What is escalate all about?


What is escalate all about? escalate.ca is a fully-owned subsdidiary of GCIS and develops powerful websites and business blogging software that will truly empower any business.

The General Center for Internet Services Inc. (GCIS) has been responsible for the development of innovative and revolutionary new Internet technologies such as Web Store™, B2B Turnpike and Cargo Connexion™, the revolutionary B2B transactional platform for the trucking industry.

Escalate.ca truly satisfies the needs of today’s global market place, by custom designing solutions that truly answer their direct needs. In addition to providing powerful blogging solutions that will help our clients better position their web sites, escalate.ca helps businesses build their brands and significantly increase their market shares, both at home and abroad.

All business solutions from escalate.ca are totally industry-independent and were carefully designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Increase your sales today, with our powerful Businessblog™ family of blogging solutions for today’s business needs. Become the innovator of your industry: start blogging for business and watch your sales grow.